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Journées Recherche DigiCosme, Juillet 2014 /

DigiCosme Research days, July 2014


Each year, DigiCosme organizes Research Days aiming at providing insight into research work related to DigiCosme thematics and fostering collaborative work. In july, 2015, the second session took place on Plateau du Moulon.

July 2nd was devoted to SciLex and ComEx action lines. After a joint session presented by Samson Lasaulce (L2S) and Laurent Doyen (LSV), participants divided themselves between the parallel sessions related more specifically to SciLex or ComEx. The sessions includes 4 to 5 presentations, broaching various aspects of each thematic introduced. Program and general information.

Tuesday, July 8th was devoted to DataSense action line . A wide range of subjects was broached, such as Learning and Interaction, Deep Learning and Energy policies. Late afternoon, some time was was kept for discussions about futures projects. Program and general information

Around 150 researchers and Phd students registered to one or both sessions. With the attendance of researchers from all of DigiCosm Partner teams (CEA, L2S, LIX, LSV, LTCI, PRISM, U2IS...) the event offered opportunities of interesting exchange to every and all participants.

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