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3 Funding Justification

The total cost for each action is based on a project duration of 8 years. It amounts to 11563 k€ for the whole project (+4% management fees). The estimated annual cost from year 3 is 1541 k€and the total budget for the first 4 years is 5436 k€.

3.1 Research project

We plan to fund emerging projects in order to develop new research directions. Such projects will typically last 36 months and include funding for one PhD student plus salary for five years of staff funding (post-doc, engineer or support of the principal investigator depending on the project) plus money for travel, small equipment and other working costs. At most one new emerging project will be selected each year and at most two will be active at once. DigiWorlds will also offer PhD grants (4 new grants each year, 6 at the beginning), possibly associated with a one year Masters grant (see education section) in order to attract the best international students. An annual conference will also be organized.

3.2 Teaching project

Our main objective is to develop ICT curricula that will be shared between the partners and that will be visible at the international level from the L3 level up. The complexity of the local and international context requires to build a dedicated team with the appropriate expertise in order to address both the logistics and the promotion of these curricula. We plan to hire one full-time qualified person and to have one extra person in charge of promotion and organisation during the first year. We also want to fund attractive fellowships at the international level, in particular by joining Masters and PhD grants to offer a 4-year grant to the best students. We will fund 20 new Masters grants each year, most of them for two years (some of them for 1 year associated with a PhD grant). We want to give students access to research platforms such as DIGISCOPE and we will support innovative pedagogical projects to that end. We plan to organize an annual summer school and to support 3-month visits by invited professors who will give mini-courses and/or seminars at the Masters and PhD levels. We will also hire one PhD student each year for an assignment to promote ICT in high schools.

3.3 Exploitation of results and technology transfer

DigiWorlds will organize each year a special event with and for industry partners, to exchange on topics related to the domain of the labex. It will also develop special courses on innovation and entrepreneurship to students at the Masters and PhD levels.

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