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Spring School

Every year, the month of May is synonymous with Le Labex DigiCosme: of meeting around a Spring School. This event is an opportunity for the labex to highlight its different areas of work, namely :
  • SciLex Axis: guarantee users the absence of design errors, resistance to breakdowns, malicious attacks and the preservation of privacy.
  • ComEx Axis: respond to the massive growth in data, problems and exchanges, and to do so, move from a centralized vision to distributed processing.
  • DataSense Axis: transform information into knowledge and understand how to access and interact with massive data, how to organize them, how to give them meaning.
Mainly intended for doctoral students from Labex teams, this event is part of the framework of the Labex training mission.

The DigiCosme 2017 Spring School took place from May 2 to 5, 2017 in Gif Sur Yvette. The axis represented this year is the axis ComEx. The different topics covered were around "5G and Internet of Things".
Date : May 2, 5 2017
Place : Campus CNRS, Gif Sur Yvette
Theme : 5G and Internet of Things.
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Image The DigiCosme 2016 Spring School took place from may 9 to 13 and focused on hybrid systems SciLex Axis. This School was based on the work carried out by the GT SHY, funded by Labex since 2012.
Date : May 9, 13 2016
Place : ENSTA ParisTech, Palaiseau
Theme :Systèmes hybrides.
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Image The DigiCosme 2016 Spring School took place from may 18 to 22 and focused on the theme of massive data management, in line with the DataSense axis.
Date : May 18, 22 2015
Place : ENSTA ParisTech, Palaiseau
Theme : Data management.
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The 2014 edition focused on mathematical tools for data storage and coding in networks, in accordance with the ComEx Axis.
Date : May 12, 16 2014
Place :Campus Supélec
Thème : Security, Game theory, network coding, distributed storage, distributed computing in wireless networks.
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In April 2013, the first edition of the Spring School Labex DigiCosme brought together about 70 young researchers to discuss program verification and analysis issues related to the SciLex axis of the Labex. The demonstration took place at Supélec's Campus in Gif sur Yvette.
Date : April 22, 26 2013
Place : Campus Supélec :
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