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ISN competition (Information Technology and Digital Sciences)

Who can participate

The ISN competition is organized every year by the DigiCosme lab, in partnership with le rectorat de Versailles. It is open to all high schools of the Académie de Versailles, which offer the ISN option in final year.


For the 2018 edition, the dates chosen are :
      • confirm your participation until June 20, 2018 - 12h (Paris time) at the address contact at digicosme.fr
      • send your project: before July 2, 2018 - 12h (Paris time) by completing the form below.

End of submission

The project file should be sent to contact at digicosme.fr 


The teachers responsible for the ISN speciality in the high schools concerned indicate their intention to apply by sending an e-mail to contact at digicosme.fr This message must include the name and e-mail address of the participants, as well as the titles of the projects. The project(s) should be sent by email to contact at digicosme.fr They can already be downloaded below. Each class can submit up to 3 projects.


The submission will include a report (2 to 5 pages) prepared by the students describing the project and including the following mandatory elements :
    • names of the students who carried out the project,
    • a school contact e-mail address,
    • an e-mail address for teacher and administrative contact,
    • a description of the problem addressed and the solutions developed, specifying any external sources used
    • a software development archive (source code, and optionally an executable file). The source code and/or executable file will be inspected and used by the jury only for the following purpose: to judge the quality of the submission and possibly test the tool. All rights remain the property of the authors,
    • a demonstration scenario of the project, either in the form of instructions for the execution of the programme (specifying the necessary software and hardware devices that must be freely accessible) or in the form of a video.

Selection committee

The jury will be composed of lecturers and researchers from Labex DigiCosme.


The main criteria considered by the jury will be :
    • the originality of the project
    • the quality of the proposed algorithmic solution,
    • the public interest that the project may generate


For any question or request for additional information, please send an email to the following address :contact@digicosme.fr

Previous editions