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Computer and communication sciences have become an important part of most professionnal activities. With their fast evolution, they are strategical for the economical growth and for industrial innovation.

However, many engineer students only broach the subject in their late studies. To create a training supported by the research field allowing every student from highschool to phd to gather fundamental knowledge of Computer and communication sciences is an educational priority of Labex DigiCosme.

Several of Labex DigiCosme actions are meant to promote this goal:

- DigiCosme Springschool, mainly intended for its phd students.

- DigiCosme Master Scholarship for Computer Science and Communication programme, aimed at international and French students aiming for a Research course.

- DigiCosme program for Invited Professors.

- the funding of pedagogical projects regarding entrepreunership and the use of research platforms in the teaching activities See the Call for application (in French)

- the teaching of computer and communication sciences in highschool and earlier.
- Financement de projets pédagogiques dans les domaines suivants :