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Partner Laboratories

PartnerAdministrative Unit InstitutionCoordinator
LRIUMR 8623U. Paris-Sud, CNRSY. Manoussakis
LIST CEAJ.-N. Patillon
MASEA 4037Ecole Centrale ParisM. Aiguier
LSVUMR 8643ENS Cachan, CNRSH. Comon-Lundh
LIXUMR 7161Polytechnique, CNRSO. Bournez
INRIA Saclay–Île-de-France INRIAD.ChapelB.Thirion
LTCIUMR 5141Télécom ParisTech, O. Cappé
SAMOVARUMR 5157Télécom SudParis, CNRSW. Ben Ameur
L2SUMR 8506Supélec, U. Paris-Sud, CNRSP. Duhamel
LI-PaRAD U. Versailles St-QuentinW. Jalby
DAVID U. Versailles St-QuentinD. Barth
Depuis 2015
LMVUMR 8100U. Versailles St-Quentin, CNRSL. Goubin

See list before 2015

Steering committee

The steering committee is composed of representatives from the partner institutions. It approves the labex yearly budget and global strategy, and decides on the composition of the international scientific council.

DigiteoMaurice Robin
CNRS Mokrane BouzeghoubFrançois Yvon
CEAKarine GosseJean-Noël Patillon
INRIANozha BoujemaaIsabelle Ryl
Paris-SudY. ManoussakisAlain Denise
PolytechniqueOlivier BournezBenjamin Werner
CentraleSupelecSilviu NiculescuYolaine Bourda
ENS CachanLaurent FribourgChristian Rey
UVSQAlain BuiFethi Ben Ouezdou
Institut Mines-TelecomDavid SadekPatrick Duvaut
ENSTABruno Monsuez
FCSDominique VernayClaude Chappert

  • The steering committee Labex DigiCosme is based on the steering committee of RTRA Digiteo.
  • Participants are nominated by the institutions.
  • The labex scientific director, C. Paulin is an invited guest.

Executive committee

The EC is an operational authority
It approves the detailed budget, makes recommendation for changes in the governance of the Labex, chooses the projects, approves the decisions for the laboratories' fundings, organizes ad hoc boards to process the Labex' actions and proposes orientations to the steering committee.

The Executive committee meets every month.
Its composition is approved every year by the steering committee, with Maurice Robin (Director of Digiteo RTRA) being a permenent guest.

Its current composition is as follows :

Starting 2016

Florenced'Alché BucDeputy Coordinator
Jean-NoëlPatillon Innovation
Franck QuessetteEducation
ArmelleRegnaultIdex UPSaclay (invité)
Olivier CappéDépartement STIC UPSaclay


Christine PaulinCoordinator
PierreDuhamelDeputy Coordinator
Philippe Schnoebelen SciLex
Jean-NoëlPatillon Innovation
Olivier CappéExternal Relations
EricMoulines External Relations

Scientific council

The Scientific council is composed of external members (about 10 people, mostly from abroad, with representatives from industry) and meets twice a year. It proposes scientific orientations and givs recommendations about changes in the labex' composition.
The Scientific council also produces an assessment of the labex once a year. The first one (june 2012) was handled by Digiteo RTRA's Scientific council, which is presided by Jan Karel Lenstra.


ClaireLoiseaux Internet of Trust
PerditaStevens Université d'Edimbourg
JosepVidal Manzano UPC Barcelone
Albert Benveniste INRIA
BrigitteVallée Université de Caen
StefanWrobelFraunhofer IAIS / Bonn Universität
FrédériqueSegond Université Grenoble Alpes

See previous composition


Two comittees are responsible for discussing and preparing proposals for Labex DigiCosme .

Managing board for research and innovation

This board handles actions regarding research - mainly the emerging project, PhD funding, and the annual conference - and leads actions organized in cooperation with the industry (industry days).It is chaired by Marc Schoenauer :

Commission recherche et innovation

Elle est présidée par Pierre Zweigenbaum & Véronique Benzaken
SciLex Stefan HaarINRIA & Cachan-LSV
FLorent Kirchner CEA-LIST
Scilex-1 Security of systemsBenjamin SmithINRIA-Saclay
Maryline LaurentSAMOVAR - Telecom Sud Paris
Scilex-2 Continuous versus discrete systemsEric GoubaultLIX - Ecole Polytechnique
Alexandre ChapoutotENSTA Paristech
Scilex-3 From high-level to low-level certificationClaude MarchéINRIA-Saclay & LRI
Virgile Prevosto CEA LIST
ComEx Ghaya Rekaya Ben OthmanLTCI -Telecom ParisTech
Steven Martin LRI
ComEx-1 Network Information Theory :coding, Security and caching Sheng YangL2S-CentraleSupelec
ComEx-2 Future Access Network : Cloud, Ran and Optimization problemsKinda KhawamLRI-UVSQ
ComEx-3 Distributed networks : storage, Computing, Security and Privacy Ghaya Rekaya Ben OthmanLTCI -Telecom ParisTech
ComEx-4 Optical Communication : signal Processing, Coding and Networks Philippe Ciblat LTCI - Telecom ParisTech
DataSense Céline Hudelot MICS-CentraleSupélec
Bertrand Thirion Inria - Neurospin
DataSense-1 Scalable, expressive and secure tools for large-scale dataPhilippe Pucheral, Sarah Cohen BoulakiaInria-Saclay, LRI - Université Paris Sud
DataSense-2 Making sense of complex, heterogeneous data and knowledgeBrigitte Grau LIMSI
DataSense-3 Machine learning : meta-learning and multi-taskFrançois Yvon, Emmanuel VazquezLIMSI-CNRS, CentraleSupélec
DataSense-5 Interaction and VisualizationMichel Beaudouin-Lafon & Eric Lecolinet LRI - Univ Paris-Sud & Inria-Saclay, LTCI, Telecom ParisTech
INNOVATION Jean-Noël Patillon CEA List
Djamal Zeghlache SAMOVAR - Télécom SudParis

Anciens présidents :
  • 2016 : Michèle Sébag
  • 2012/2015 : Marc Schoenauer

Education board

The Education board actively prepares new programs and oversees the process for educational actions during the transition period (2012-15). It is responsible for the summer school, the invited professor programs and any pedagogical action of the Labex. The Master grants are also managed by the education board (until Masters schools are established).
It is chaired by Hubert Comon and is composed as follows :

Commission Formation

Elle est co-présidée par Bruno Defude & Franck Quessette

Labex Bruno Defude Franck Quessette
Univ Paris-SudNicole BidoitAlain Denise
CentralePascale Le GallMarc Aiguier
ENSTABruno Monsuez
ENS CachanJean Goubault Larrecq
PolytechniqueBenjamin Werner
SupélecYolaine Bourda
Telecom ParisTechLaurent PautetJean-Pascal Jullien
Telecom SudParisStéphane MaagFrançois Simon
UVSQFranck Quessette
CNRSMokrane Bouzeghoub
CEAJean-Noël Patillon
INRIADaniel Augot

Invitée : Hanna Klaudel

Anciens présidents
  • 2012-03/2013 : Henri Maître
  • 2013/2016-06 : Hubert Comon-Lundh

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