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Guest Scientists


Labex DigiCosme offers an invitation program of two or three researchers (for a total of 6 months per year) under the following conditions.

Terms of the visit

  • the person must hold a position as a researcher or teacher-researcher in a foreign university or research laboratory,
  • the visit will be 2 to 3 months,
  • the visitor will be welcomed in one of the partner laboratories of Labex DigiCosme and will have the support of at least one other team of Labex DigiCosme,
  • the visitor undertakes to offer a cycle of courses or seminars at master's or doctoral level for at least 5 hours per month of attendance,
  • a one- to two-page visit report will be prepared by the guest and inviting him/her within 3 months after the visit, detailing the activities carried out during the stay, the highlights and the prospects for future collaboration. The inviting party also undertakes to report to the labex on the facts making it possible to measure the impact of the visit (joint projects or publications in particular).


  • Labex DigiCosme finances the visit up to € __6000.00 per month, which will be paid to the host laboratory, which will cover the visitor's remuneration and/or travel and subsistence expenses.
The type of expenditure envisaged (missions or staff costs) must be clearly stated and take into account social security contributions where applicable.


  • The file will be submitted by email to the following address aap at digicosme.fr .
  • It will include the following elements:
    • Resume of the candidate (3-5 pages indicating contact details, status and home institution as well as main scientific contributions)
    • work program during the visit (max 1 page related to the activities Labex DigiCosme)
    • course proposal (max 1/2 page)
    • letter of support from the head of the visitor reception team, which will specify the period covered by the visit and the budget requested (distinguish staff costs, mission and other operating costs)
    • opinion of the laboratory director,
    • additional letters from the heads of the other teams supporting the project
  • applications are subject to a call for projects. They are studied by the 2 commissions Training? and Research, Innovation and Research and Innovation Commission?. The final decision rests with the labex executive committee. The dates of the planned visits will have to be fixed taking into account the time required to process the request, which will be around three months.
1 - Rahul VAZE Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India – Inde - May, July 2015
2 - Kevin Bretonnel COHEN - University of Colorado School of Medicine – USA - February, April 2016
3 - James LIPTON - Wesleyan University, Middletown – USA - October, November 2016
4 - Antonella MOLINARO - University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria – Italy - February, April 2017
5 - Timothy MILLER - Harvard Medical School – USA - June, July 2017
6 - Catherine PLAISANT University of Maryland - USA - June, July 2017
7 - Ramon PINO PEREZ - University of the Andes – Venezuela - April, June 2018
8 - Marilyn WALKER - University of California Santa Cruz – USA - June, July 2018
9 - Steve WHITTAKER - University of California at Santa Cruz – USA - June/July 2018