Emergence projects 

The Labex DigiCosme, initiate Emerging Projects , aims to support projects for young researchers regarding one or several labex's thematic focus on. The winners receive funding over three years to set up a team.

SciLex axis

The SciLex axis : aims to make as few assumptions as possible on the physical environment: software and data resources may be outsourced; program may run in noisy and/or malicious environments.
Funded projects
  • CODECSYS - 2016
    • Coordination : Antoine Girard - CentraleSupelec, L2S
    • Thème : Contract Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • VERICONISS - 2014
    • Coordination : Stefan Göller - ENS ParisSaclay, LSV
    • Thème : Verification of Concurrent Infinite State Systems

ComEx axis

The ComEx axis: aims to create autonomous and scalable digital systems based on efficient, agile and transparent communication means and supported by reconfigurable and heterogeneous mobile networks.
Funded projects
  • Index Coding - 2013
    • Coordination : Daniela Tuninetti - CentraleSupelec, L2S
    • Theme : A framework for distributed multi-flow management in wired and wireless networks

DataSense axis

The DataSense axis: aims to enable citizens and professionals to seize the multi-faceted opportunities offered by the exponential growth of digital data.
Funded projects
  • MetaTracts - 2017
    • Coordination : Pietro Gori - Telecom ParisTech, LTCI
    • Theme : Parsimonious multi-resolution representations for modeling,visualizing and statistically analyzing brain tractograms
  • IoTA - 2016
    • Coordination : Albert Bifet - Telecom ParisTech, LTCI
    • Theme : Internet of Things
  • SEDA - 2014
    • Coordination : Fabian Suchanek - Telecom ParisTech, LTCI
    • Theme : Information Extraction, knowledge linking, knowledge mining