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DigiCosme builds on the observation that software, networks and data become ubiquitous and that for the digital revolution to continue over the next decades, research and education in ICT must grow faster to guarantee the sustainability of present and future digital worlds.

Scientific vision

Computer components are essential in many crucial societal issues such as health and energy. They participate in complex systems which require a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach. However, because ICT is a new discipline, less than one century old and still in its infancy, we believe it is important to build on the Campus de Saclay a strong research program in ICT, focused on the core subjects of Computer Science and Telecommunications: software, data and networks.

With 340 researchers, DigiCosme will act as a well-connected and visible core group within the larger ICT department of the IDEX Paris-Saclay and will allow for all actors of the field to work together by sharing problems, methods and tools in order to bring solutions to the challenges of a sustainable digital age. {SPLIT}

Research action lines

From the research point of view, the main activity of DigiCosme is to imagine new models, languages and algorithms that can tackle the distributed and heterogeneous nature of software and information and the growing size of data and networks. While the general theme on distributed programs, data and architectures is quite broad, the project is structured along three action lines: SciLex, ComEx and DataSense:

  • Axis SciLex: the long-term goal is to create robust digital worlds in terms of software reliability and data security. Digital robustness must make as few assumptions as possible on the physical environment: software and data resources may be outsourced; program may run in noisy and/or malicious environments, etc.
  • Axis ComEx: the long-term goal is to create autonomous and scalable digital systems based on efficient, agile and transparent communication means and supported by reconfigurable and heterogeneous mobile networks.
  • Axis DataSense: the long-term goal is to enable citizens and professionals to seize the multi-faceted opportunities offered by the exponential growth of digital data.

Within each action line, we have identified specific tasks that correspond to challenges identified for at least the next four years. These tasks are focused enough to be the topic of effective daily collaboration between partners but are also reasonably open to foster larger interactions.


DigiCosme will actively support joint work with other disciplines. Continuing the long-standing and fruitful collaboration between ICT and Mathematics, it will interact with the labex Mathématiques de Saclay but will also cooperate with researchers from other fields, such as neuro-sciences, medical engineering or social sciences and humanities.

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