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Journées Recherche 2016

12 et 13 avril 2016

Supelec - 91190 Gif Sur Yvette

April 12, 2016

  • Roberto Navigli - (SLIDES Roberto NAVIGLI)
    • Recent achievements in large-scale multilingual text understanding
    • Abstract
  • Kostas Chatzikokolakis - (SLIDES Kostas CHATZIKOKOLATIS)
    • Geo-indistinguishability: A Principled Approach to Location Privacy
    • Abstract
  • Josep Vidal - (SLIDES Josep VIDAL)
    • Distributed Computing, Storage and Radio Resource Allocation over Cooperative Smallcells
    • Abstract
  • Parallel workshops of DigiCosme Axes: SciLex, ComEx and DataSense
  • Demos
    • The IO Data Science Paris Saclay Portal, a pratical use for the LinkedWiki Platform software from the BorderCloud society
    • BINSEC: a platform for binary-level program analysis, Sebastien Bardin (CEA LIST)
    • Demonstration of the Scikit-learn platform, Olivier Grisel (INRIA)
    • A Scientific map of articles applied to Computer Scientists from Paris Saclay, Philippe Caillou, (Université Paris-Sud)
    • Patient virtuel dialogant, Leonardo Campillos
    • Open scientific data, Karima Rafes (INRIA - Université Paris-Sud)

April 13, 2016

  • Christine Paulin, Pierre Duhamel
  • Florent Kirchner and Stefan Haar: Retrospective and Vision for Scilex
  • Ghaya Ben Rekaya and Steven Martin: Retrospective and Vision for Comex
  • Pierre Zweigenbaum and Bertrand Thirion: Retrospective and Vision for DataSense
  • Stefan Göller
    • Verification of Concurrent Infinite State Systems (VERICONISS)
    • Abstract
  • Fabian Suchanek
    • A Hitchhiker's Guide to Ontology
    • Abstract
    • Improving the performance of the Alt-Ergo SMT solver through the design, analysis, and optimisation of the Ocaml data structures, Albin Coquereau, Michel Mauny, Sylvain Conchon
    • Construction of Parametric Barrier Function for Dynamical Systems Interval Analysis, Adel Djaballah, Alexandre Chapoutot, Michel Kieffer et Olivier Bouissou
    • Scheduling and prediction for the energy consumption minimization in Clouds, Alexandre Dambreville
    • Annotation of images in the context of social media, Sonia Boussaid
    • Analysis Techniques for Stack Cache, Aminz Naji et Florian Brandner
    • Enhancing Content Delivery through Caching, Andrea Araldo, Fabio Martignon, Dario Rossi
    • The weak order on posets, Joêl Gay
    • Cross-document event coreference in electronic patient records, Julien Tourille, Xavier Tannier, Aurélie Névéol, Olivier Ferret
    • GT Robotique Interactive, Laurence Devilliers, Jean-Claude Martin
    • GT deep networks and Distributed Representations, Alexandre Allauzen, Emmanuelle Frenoux
    • Exploring Spreading Processes in Complex Networks, Maria Rossi
    • GT Représentation Sémantiques Multilingues, Marianna Apidianaki et Olivier Ferret
    • Distributed monitoring for MANETs Interoperability Testing, Jose Alvarez, Stéphane Maag et Fatiha Zaidi
    • GT Combinatoire
    • GT Pasadena
    • Asymptotics of some point processes transformations, Laurent Decreusefond, Aurélien Vasseur
    • GT Apprentossage, décision séquentielle et robotique, David Filliat
    • Nonparametric estimation of mark's density of an exponential shot-noise, Paul Ilhe, E. Moulines, F. Roueff et A. Souloumiac
    • GT TheoBioR, Loïc Paulevé, Stefan Haar
    • Social, structured and semantic search, Raphaël Bonaque, Bogdan Cautis, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu
    • GT ELFIC, Formal Verification for the Finite Element Method_ Sylvie Boldo, François Clément, Florian Faissole, Éric Goubault, Claude Marché, Vincent Martin, Micaela Mayero, Guillaume Melquiond, Virgile Prévosto, Sylvie Putot, Franck Védrine, Pierre Weis

Tuesday 12Wednesday 13
8.30-9.15 : Welcome Coffee
!!!! Amphi F3.06
9.15-10.15 Amphi F3.06 9.15-10.00: Labex DigiCosme presentation - Amphi F3.06
10.15-11.15 Kostas Chatzikokolakis- Amphi F3.06 10.00-11.30 : Assessment and outlook by Action line - Amphi F3.06
11.15-11.45 : Break11.30-12.00: Collation
11.45-12.45 Josep Vidal- Amphi F3.06 12.00-13.30 : DigiCosme Emerging projects - Amphi F3.06
12.45-14.30 : Lunch & demos 13.30-14.45 : Lunch & posters - salle prestige
14.30-16.00 : Parallel sessions Scilex, Comex, DataSense - Rooms F3.07-F3.08-F3.09 14.45-15.30 : Q&A session with DigiCosme representatives - Amphi F3.06
16.00-16.30 : Break15.30-16.30 : Meeting of the Scientific council and group leader- Room F3.08-F3.09
16.30-18.00 : Parallel sessions Scilex, Comex, DataSense - Rooms F3.07-F3.08-F3.0916.30 : End