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SpringSchool DigiCosme 2016 Registration form

Deadline : April 10, 2016


Registration to the school is free but mandatory. It includes the lectures, daily coffee breaks, lunches and registration to our social event. Costs for travel and accomodation must be supported by participants.

Phd students will be asked to send a poster of their work before April 25 (pdf). Those who wish to make a presentation on may 11 can write at the following address : contact at digicosme.fr

Registration form

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All participants
DaguePhilippe ResearcherLRI2015-12-18 15:58
Ferreira LeiteAlessandro Researcher2016-01-10 16:11
BoldoSylvie ResearcherLRI2016-01-04 11:20
ZaatitiHadiPhd StudentLise2016-01-05 11:55
GevorgyanArevikPhd StudentLIX2016-01-15 18:14
FribourgLaurent ResearcherLSV2016-01-19 17:50
BarbarescoFrederic ResearcherAdvanced Radar Concept2016-01-19 17:58
NacimBELKHIR Phd StudentTAO2016-01-19 18:43
IBRAHIMAhmedPhd StudentLISV2016-01-19 20:41
FouzMoustafaPhd StudentLISV2016-01-19 22:15
PochetJuliettePhd StudentL2S2016-01-25 15:48
TheissingSimonPhd Student2016-01-20 21:12
kardofakimohamadPhd Student(LISV) laboratoire d'ingeniérie des systèmes de versailles2016-01-21 10:03
EricGoubault ResearcherLIX2016-01-22 09:24
SamehMohamedPhd StudentLIX -LSV2016-01-22 12:38
FaissoleFlorian OtherINRIA Toccata2016-01-25 09:50
MeyerLucPhd StudentIBISC2016-01-20 14:29
MedimeghSlim Phd Student2016-02-04 10:06
MaunyMichel ResearcherU2IS2016-02-19 15:19
MaYue Researcher2016-02-03 13:14
KlaudelHanna ResearcherIBISC2016-02-12 11:12
ArcileJohan Other2016-02-12 18:29
BallariniPaolo ResearcherMICS2016-02-15 11:52
DambrevilleAlexandrePhd Student2016-02-18 15:37
ChenJieyingPhd StudentLRI2016-02-03 13:29
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