• Thursday 14th, March 14h30
    • Speaker : Romain Menegaux (MINES ParisTech/ Institut Curie)
    • Title : Continuous embeddings of DNA sequencing reads, and application to metagenomics
    • Abstract : We propose a new model for fast classification of DNA sequences output by next generation sequencing machines. The model, which we call fastDNA, embeds DNA sequences in a vector space by learning continuous low-dimensional representations of the k-mers it contains. We show on metagenomics benchmarks that it outperforms state-of-the-art methods in terms of accuracy and scalability.
  • Thursday 28th, March 14h30
    • Speaker: Blaize Hanczar (IBISC / U Evry)
    • Title: Deep learning for phenotype prediction based on gene expression data
    • Abstract : Today, an increasing effort is put in the field of Precision Medicine to better characterize patients using high resolution technologies (also known as omics) designed to profile different facets of human biology (i.e. genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics,…). Our contribution is about the prediction of phenotype based on gene expression data with a deep neural network. We focus on two issues: the learning with a small training set and the interpretation of the network. For the small training set problem, we propose methods based on transfer learning and semi-supervised learning. For interpretation, we backpropagate the predictions through the network in order to identify relevant genes and neurons that we associate them to biological knowledge.